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new technology for automotive die casting pump housing deburing

Auto motive die casting pump housing deburing is always hard work, and now there is new technology can make it easy. Automotive die castings pump housing deburring mold is the key!

The mold make automobile water pump housing to adopt the stamping for the way processing, improve production efficiency and product yield. Fixed installation of the fixed plate of the die through the support plate on the base, installed in the base of the lever through the fixed connection of the die fixed plate and the die plate, the die plate is installed on the die, the middle of the die cavity the edge of the cavity corresponding to the incision, the die cavity with the shape of the workpiece material holding plate, the bottom connection prop plate material holding the rod, the bottom of the material holding lever through the fixed plate and on the plate of the die fixed connection on the base under the plate, flexible plate between the upper plate and lower plate material holding board positioning pin; on template matching guide pin and guide sleeve and the die retaining plate connection on the template the bottom there are a number of struts and plate. The mold can make the car die castings, pump shell, a stamping processing, improve production efficiency and product yield!

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