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Aluminum Gravity Casting Services

Gravity casting is the liquid metal in the Earth's gravity into the casting process, also known as gravity pouring casting. The generalized gravity casting include sand casting, metal casting, investment casting, lost foam casting, clay mold casting; narrow-defined gravity casting refers to the metal casting. uses the force of gravity, to fill a permanent mold, or die, with molten material. It does not use the high-pressure method to form the casting. It will ensure that there will not be any clusters formed during this gravity casting process. The method has advantages like cost effective, good quality, and process control over other casting techniques.

Preparation, Preheating, Paint Application, Pouring before preheating, Pouring, Cleaning, Packing, Shipping.
We have 2 gravity casting production lines, a variety of gravity casting machines, chemical analysis, and mechanical test instruments.
Aluminum alloy, zinc alloy; e.g. A356 (G-AlSi7Mg), A360 (G-AlSi10Mg).
Our production is including auto components, electronics, communications equipment, hardware, industry machinery parts ,subway components, gas station components, pipeline components, Wheel, fuel injection housings, spline and so on.
Thickness ≥ 2 mm Surface Roughness Max Ra3.2 Degree of precision : AL: CT5-CT7 Zn: CT3-CT6 Part weight :≤60.00KG The largest area of work1500cm×700 cm
Sandblasting, vibration, polishing, anodizing, plating, powder coating, stoving varnish.

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