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Sand Mold Casting(foundry) Services

Sand casting process is the most economical for producing small or large quantities, especially for only few samples and developing new productions. Almost any shape mold can be produced from fine sand and binder mixture. There are two methods: green sand casting and resin sand casting. Aluminum, steel, iron, brass and bronze can be casted. Molten metal is poured into a mould cavity formed out of sand.

We offer comprehensive sand casting services, including resin sand casting, clay-bonded sand casting, and precoated sand casting services, including sand molding - melting - casting - clear sand - to clean up pouring riser - test shipping.
100-1000 kg medium frequency induction furnaces.3T,5T,8T electric arc furnace,3T,5T,7T cupola, equipment for One horizontal parting molding line, One vertical parting molding line ,A resin sand molding line . Heat treatment facilities for normalizing, annealing, quenching and tempering. High –frequency stove, fore and hind temperature Meters, chemical analysis and mechanical test instruments
carbon steel,steel alloy,gray iron,ductile iron brass,bronze,aluminium alloy
sand blaster, zinc coating, hot-dip galvanicy , powder coating, chrome coating, Dacro coating, polishing
Casting tolerance CT10-CT12 Surface Roughness Ra12.5~50 Part weight: 0.50KG-50000KG The min wall thickness: 5mm
sand blaster, zinc coating, hot-dip galvanicy , powder coating, chrome coating, Dacro coating, polishing
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Sand casting pulley
Sand casting autoparts
Sand Mold Castings


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