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Custom Aluminum Die Casting Services

Weifang Xinhai Aluminum Technology Co.,Ltd Service the needs of our customers with high quality die castings,Our commitment to quality,services and technology allows us to consistently meet the needs of each customer. we specialized in working with OEMs to provide quality castings at competive prices. We will work withyou and your team from engineering concept to casting delivered on time.

Aluminum High Pressure Die Casting Services

Aluminum high pressure die casting is our main product line. Our professional engineer team is skilled at high pressure die casting products and molds. We can work out manufacturing process, production cost and professional engineering proposal for you, so as to work out final product design and criteria. Then the whole high pressure die casting and precision machining process is to be supervised by our quality engineer team consistently.

Our quite complete equipping of die casting machines, and strong precision machining capacity can solve nearly all aluminum high pressure die casting projects. You may visit and trust us for any aluminum die casting

Aluminium Gravity Die Casting Services

Gravity Die Casting is a good casting process. For producing smooth and textured, well defined, accurately dimensioned metal parts, this method is also very good process. Our die casting, aluminium gravity die casting and aluminium die casting services are of excellent quality. We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier for aluminum gravity die casting.

Aluminium Low Pressure Casting Services

Low pressure casting is under the action of low-pressure gas filling liquid metal casting mold and solidified into a casting method. Gas pressure is generally from 0.6 to 1.5 Pa. Low-pressure casting process is: a crucible of molten metal in the furnace plus put closures, cover up the center of the tube fitted, up into the metal tube below the surface, cover the upper part of the mold placed. The dried compressed air through the intake manifold to the crucible, the metal was passed through the gate into the lift pipe from the mold (see Figure), maintaining the pressure in the liquid metal into the mold is completely solidified, and then the pressure was released, up tube the molten metal will automatically fall back to the crucible, then you can open type, launched castings

Sand Mold Casting/Foundry Casting Services

Sand casting is used to make large parts typically Iron, but also Bronze, Brass, Aluminum Molten metal is poured into a mold cavity formed out of sand , we can serve you with Green Sand casting,Aluminum sand casting,Gray Iron Casting,Brass Sand Casting.

Zinc Alloy Die Casting Services

zinc alloy is stronger and widely used for door and window system. The zinc Die Casting is better and easy for chrome coating, Nickel coating with nice looking. Its also with better rust resistance.Zinc alloys are versatile, low cost materials and that is used in many die casting applications.

Magnesium Alloy Die Casting Services

Magnesium alloy is one of the lightest engineering metal material shell parts with good specific strength than stiffness and other properties, particularly suitable for the manufacture of light weight, high strength, vibration noise engineering structural components and requires a certain strength requirements. Magnesium alloy low melting point, low specific heat and filling fast is extremely suitable for modern die-casting technology forming. The development of modern science and technology and related industries, the rapid expansion of the scope of application of magnesium alloy, especially a large number of applications in the automotive industry and in the electronic information industry.we have advanced magnesium cold chamber die casting machine, which can die casting all kinds of magnesium alloy spare parts.

Precision CNC Machining Services

Though high pressure die casting process can achieve near shape castings with fine surface quality, it still can't be free from post machining especially precision machining. Any casting must have draft angles, edge rounds and even structure ribs which are designed for facilitating die casting but should be removed for finish proudcts.

For a die casting foundry, the capability of precision machining can be a symbol of its profession. Xinhai Aluminum entered into the die casting field after we set up a strong precision machining factory. We'd like to expand our manufacturing capacity in the whole non-ferrous metals industry.

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