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Custom Aluminum Die Casting Services

Weifang Xinhai Aluminum Technology Co.,Ltd Service the needs of our customers with high quality custom aluminum die castings ,We are a professional aluminum die casting company, offering our customers the following manufacturing capabilities:

We offers the integrated services of collection, compression, casting, molds, design, manufacture, pressure casting, and precision finishing. All conform to a rigorous quality control system. Our advanced equipment and strict quality control system ensure excellent quality for our customers.
Aluminum alloy,zinc alloy; e.g A356(G-AlSi7Mg), A360(G-AlSi10Mg), A380, ADC12, ZnAl4-1,Zn-5,Zn-3 etc.
180T,280T,400T,400T,500T,800T,900T Cold chamber die-casting machines, chemical analysis and mechanical test instruments, Furnace for T1-T6 heat treatment
Sandblasting, vibration,grinding,low chromium passivation,anodizing,plating,powder coating,polish.
Part weight :0.030-15KG Dimensions:upto 900 mm x 700 mm
Sandblasting, vibration,grinding,low chromium passivation,anodizing,plating,powder coating,polish.
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