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led lighting housing

Led Lights&Lamp Components

We can make all kinds of die casting lamp parts,aluminum die casting LED light casing ,street lights housing,lamp heatsink,Lamp holder,with High quality and good delivery service.

automatic transmission housing

Automotive Components

We are professional and experienced aluminum die castng manufacturer for die casting Automotive components in different design and sizes!

aluminum die casting transplanter parts

Machinery Die Casting Parts

We can make all kinds of machinery Aluminum die casting parts such as speed down housing,spinning machinery parts,Sewing machine parts ,loom parts ,transplanters parts and and so on.

washing machine die casting parts

Home Electronics Parts

We can make all kinds of Homr Electronics Parts such as Refrigeration parts,Washing machine parts, Air -condition machine parts, and so on.

auto water pump casing body

Pump Parts

We specialized in all kinds of pump die casting parts,like auto pump housing, water pump casing,aluminum oil pump housing,pump connector and so on!

electric motor front end cover

Electronic Motor Components

We can casting all kinds of Electronic Motor Components like Aluminum die casting electric motor front end cover, motor housing and so on!

sand mold casting pipe aluminum

Sand Mold Casting Parts

We can make all kinds of sand mold casting parts like aluminum pipes and street lights bases with hign quality and good price!

oil filter bases aluminum die casting

Oil Filter bases series

Oil fiter bases is one of our main products. we do OEM for Diesel Dual oil filter bases for WEICHAI POWER for many years. and our automotive oil filter bases are with good quality and good prices!


zinc alloy die casting series

Zinc Alloy Die Casting Series

zinc alloys have large advantages as casting materials for small parts, with excellent physical and castability,mechanical qualities  and finishing features. 

magnesium alloy die casting series

Magnesium Alloy Die Casting Manufacturer

Magnesium alloy is one of the lightest engineering metal material shell parts with good specific strength than stiffness and other properties, particularly suitable for the manufacture of light weight, high strength, vibration noise engineering structural components and requires a certain strength requirements

cylinder head cover

Cylinder Head Cover

We are professional manufacturer for Engine Cylinder Head Cover for both Diesel engine and Gasoline engine with high quality and competitive price.

aluminum die casting crossbow bracket

Other Die Casting Parts

we have also other die casting parts like electric bicycle parts,crossbow aluminum bracket and so on.



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