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Electric Motor Housing Motor Casing Die Casting

Aluminum motor housing are light in weight and suitable for portable equipment and household appliances motor such as: portable air pump motor housing , water pump motor casing , fan motor casing.
aluminum die cast housing is with once molding die-casting technology, and with water proof characteristics
specialized in Electric motor housing casting for many years. we can make aluminum generator motor housing , starting motor housing ,micro motor aluminum motor housing and die-casting zinc-aluminum alloy electrical control box,aluminum terminal blocks cover and so on.

electronic motor casing terminal box die casting motor cover aluminum die casting motor housing aluminum casting
electric motor casing terminal box casting motor cover die cast Motor housing casting
aluminium die casting motor parts motor right cover casting motor fan motor end cover casting
aluminum casting parts motor right cover Motor fan die casting motor end cover cast
motor cover casting aluminum electric motor casting parts aluminum electric motor covers motor casing aluminum die casting
motor end cover motor casting parts motor covers casting motor casing casting
motor gear box casing motor back end cover aluminum die casting motor front end cover aluminum motor casing aluminum
Motor gear box casing Motor Back end cover Motor front end cover Motor casing aluminum
main auxiliary stator aluminum casting motor flywheel casting aluminum motor housing bearing seat aluminum motor wind cover aluminum casting
motor stator aluminum motor flywheel casting motor bearing seat motor wind cover

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