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Zinc Alloy Die Casting Services

We makes die casting parts in zinc as well as our aluminum die casting parts. Zinc die casting alloy is also known as zamak .

Zinc alloys are versatile, low cost materials and that is used in many die casting applications. As precisely formulated metal alloys, they supply the mechanical properties of medium strength metals.

Features of Zinc Alloy Die Casting
Overall, zinc alloys have large advantages as casting materials for small parts, with excellent physical and castability,mechanical qualities  and finishing features.  die cast zinc alloys with Hot chamber could be cast to tight tolerances, complex detail,  Excellent shape manufacturing is one of the main features of die cast zinc alloysalloys with hot chamber .we use two processes to make Znic Alloy Die Casting Parts, The hot-chamber zinc die casting method, an internal plunger system injects the zinc from a pool of molten zinc metal to fill the steel die while maintaining pressure until the zinc metal hardens in the diecasting die.The cold-chamber zinc die casting method, on the other hand, uses separate chambers to melt and then hold the melted zinc metal before pouring the zinc alloy into a die casting shot cylinder and injecting the zinc metal into the die casting dies.

Znic Alloy Die casting Juicer Cover
coffee pot pedestal die casting
znic alloy die casting parts

znic die casting machine

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