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Oil Filter base mounts body and cover aluminum casting

The oil filter is located in the engine lubrication system. Its upstream oil pump, downstream of the various components need to lubricate the engine. Its role is to filter out harmful impurities from the oil sump, clean oil supply crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft, turbocharger, piston rings and other deputy campaign, lubrication, cooling, cleaning effect, thus extending the life of these parts

Engine Oil fiter bases is one of our main products. we do OEM for all kind of filter parts like oil filter tank, remote oil filter mounts, aluminum casting oil filter block cover and so on. we have producing Diesel Dual oil filter bases filter heads for WEICHAI POWER and Baldwin for many years. and our Engine Lubricating oil filter bases are with high quality and good prices!

aluminum filter head aluminum cast oil filter seating aluminum filter tank cover aluminum oil filter base
aluminum filter head Oil Filter Seating Cast Filter tank cover cast
aluminum oil filter base
cast aluminum filter seating cast aluminum oil filter tank cast aluminum remote filter mounts cast aluminum remote oil filter housing
Cast alu filter seating aluminum Oil fliter tank Remote oil filter mounts Oil filter housing cast
cast filter base aluminum oil casting aluminum dual filter seating custom oil filter base diesel oil filter base aluminum
cast filter base aluminum cast dual filter seating custom oil filter base diesel oil filter base
fuel oil filter brackets dual diesel oil fiter mounts aluminum dual oil filter brackets fuel oil filter head cast aluminum
oil filter bracket aluminu diesel oil filter mounts dual oil filter brackets fuel oil filter head cast
oil dual filter mounts base oil filter body cover aluminum oil filter pedestal casting oil filter tank aluminum casting
oil dual filter mounts oil filter body cover filter pedestal aluminum oil filter body aluminum

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