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Large aluminum casting anti-gravity casting process and equipment technology


anti-gravity casting is a foundry casting forming process developed in the 1950s. It is the metal in the crucible liters of fluid under pressure along the tube bottom-up to overcome gravity and resistance to filling the mold, and a method for casting under pressure. Put pressure on the form according to the liquid metal filling the mold, anti-gravity casting can be divided into low pressure die casting, pressure casting, pressure casting and vacuum casting. Anti-gravity casting technology is the driving force of the liquid metal filling the mold and the opposite direction of gravity, the flow of liquid metal along the opposite direction of gravity. Anti-gravity casting, molten metal is actually gravity plus the driving force of a common role in the filling. External driving force is the dominant force in the filling process of molten metal, liquid metal to overcome its own gravity, the cavity resistance, and other external forces to complete filling the mold. Due to the presence of external driving force, making the anti-gravity casting a controlled process, in the process of liquid metal filling can be achieved through the control of the size of the applied force, the filling speed of filling, to meet the requirements of different processes; at the same time, so that casting solidification, the effect of a larger force to improve the feeding ability of the liquid metal, to reduce casting defects such as shrinkage, porosity and pinholes. Northwestern Polytechnical University, Harbin Institute of Technology and other units are more in-depth anti-gravity casting technology and equipment, the technology is more mature.



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