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Die casting aluminum alloy design concept introduced casting, precision casting, aluminum casting
Die casting aluminum alloy design concept introduced casting, precision casting, aluminum casting -Weifang Xinhai Aluminum Technology Co.Ltd. to the ground according to the different evaluation of the quality of the part is different. Specifically, if the parts in the mechanical properties of geometric shapes , dimensional accuracy, shrinkage, porosity, roughness, etc. to meet the requirements, is qualified; this part is somewhat less than the quality requirements of the drawings, but can barely used, this part is defective. If we do not meet the requirements, this part is waste. how to produce high quality parts, for saving material, energy and shorten the manufacturing hours, improving economic efficiency has great significance.
Die casting design philosophy:
Designers should first fully understand the user's requirements and working conditions, casting the force, and then according to the requirement and the working environment to select the appropriate material. Understand the material casting performance in the design, paying particular attention to meet the requirements as far as possible under the premise of casting a simple structure. Thickness appropriate uniform and leave out the necessary gradient mode, otherwise it will lead to depression appear on casting pits, porosity, shrinkage due to cast pull marks, cracks, deformation and other defects. die casting dimensional accuracy requirements should be reasonable, otherwise it will mold design, mold processing, development and management of process conditions cause unnecessary trouble. would cause a large number of substandard

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