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Aluminum Fan Blower Blade Die Casting Service

Fluidity, shrinkage, air tightness, casting stress, suction. Aluminum alloy these characteristics depend on the composition of the alloy, but also casting factors, the heating temperature alloy, cast the complexity of the pouring and riser system, gate shape. The motor fan is a very broad application products.

The first one is the forward bending class leaves the following features: relatively shor fant blade, blade between the moment a small, blade number, low noise, low pressure (ie, the blades of gas for power maximum), air volume, low efficiency of curvature of the blades The radius is small (less efficient).
The second is a backward curved blade features are as follows: long blade, blade pitch is moderate, moderate number of leaves, noise, high pressure, high efficiency, wind a small amount of the radius of curvature of the blade.

The third is divergent blade characteristics: longer blades, blade pitch is moderate, moderate number of leaves, high noise, low pressure, low efficiency.

Things of different kinds of aluminum blower blade application is different, such as the first curved blade used for low pressure, speed is not high occasions, if the required air volume can be increased the number of leaves can be used for high-speed situation.


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