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Aluminum die casting pores category

What i give you about today is aluminum die casting pores category knowledge , a lot of knowledge to understand some of our beneficial rather than harmful , so efforts increase their knowledge in order to apply to work in it.
Aluminum die casting die-casting process, because the die casting process control problems which cause pores , and thereby affect the quality and use. In this situation, the more prone to die-casting operations . However, in the casting process are aware, the casting pores are not all the same , meticulous division, aluminum die casting pores can be divided into three categories . Because the casting process in a variety of situations , a little careless error control is likely to lead to the formation of aluminum intake vent.
Common type of porosity is pinholes. Such pores generally less than 1 mm in diameter , more rounded shape . If the entire aluminum die casting cutting , you will find a pinhole would be more evenly distributed in the cross-section of the casting . Such pinholes , also known as pores, mainly divided into point-like , mesh and integrated three categories .
Point-like pinhole clear outline of each other will not be continuous . So easy and castings Shrinkage status separate.
The continuity of the mesh network pinhole shape is intensive pinholes connected intensive and complex as it is difficult to troubleshoot the cleaning section number and diameter of the hole .
The first two categories are integrated pinhole porosity combination . Such pores, pinholes are more large diameter , but the state is not circular , more complex polygons state.
Aluminum die-casting process of the operation from the side shows the formation of pores aluminum die casting main ingredient is hydrogen gas , but it does not seem to follow certain rules.

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