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Magnesium alloy die-casting defects? Surface paint which bad? How to fix it?

Magnesium die casting defects, can be roughly divided into two categories, one is bad size, and the other is a poor surface state. Size bad general physical properties, for example, multi-material, lack of material, the crack, the heavier the flow marks, flatness so bad. The generally poor surface state chemical properties, such as oxidation, black spots, leukoplakia etc..

The adverse surface paint, this problem can not simply look at, because the painting before the chemical conversion process, his quality and the painting process is closely related to the chemical film formation process quality die casting quality great relationship, these processes are complementary, general Inspection paint quality is simply two aspects, one is the appearance of a performance, appearance is very intuitive, such as color, flow marks, flatness, etc., while the performance is corrosion resistance, adhesion strength, and so on. Concern also mainly poor these two aspects.

As for these bad solution than the phrase can be stated, it is estimated to have become write a book, but also need to LZ system understanding and personal experience of the entire process, summarize slowly between each process has so they will have a comprehensive understanding for different workpiece certainly process is also different, and the replacement fast in some industries, so the size of the workpiece is always changing, die-casting conditions to adjust only slowly, while procurement the level of quality of the raw materials, mold and die casting machines also have a greater impact, the use of chemical film-forming drugs and paint will have a greater

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