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An overview of the casting process of aluminum alloy automotive engine parts

Car engine aluminum parts casting process overview of the automotive engine aluminum alloy parts including the cylinder head, cylinder block, intake manifold, cylinder cover, oil pan, engine set hanging bracket, gear room and a gear chamber cover and other products, including cylinder head, cylinder block, intake manifold casting process is the most complex. Die casting process is as follows:
A cylinder head:
A. The low pressure casting process: Weifang xinhai aluminum Technoloy co.ltd , bulk of this process, low pressure casting machine parts imported machinery, such as Japan Isuzu and well cast; part of the domestic machines, such as the Jinan heroic manufacturing J455 type low pressure casting machine. The mold used Japanese imported or domestically produced.

Two. Unilateral injection side of the top casting process:

this process Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Shanghai company, the FAW non-ferrous casting company, Haiaishida company of several companies, the technology from Germany, Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Shanghai bulk reference after the promotion. The process equipment requirements, Fata casting machine. ABB robots and imports mold in order to ensure the qualified rate, ASD used in the casting machine by Jinan heroic manufacturing, mold to replicate in the country. But the process casting line investment.

3. Bilateral / unilateral end of the injection process: the technology from Italy and France, the tower and the United States, Nanjing Teksid and of Wuhu three technology companies in this process, the process control too many factors, prone to casting defects.

4. Tilting gravity process: The process is widely used for small and medium-sized foundry, from Japan, Harbin Dongan batch using promotion. Shenyang New Guanghua Xu casting company, Shenyang, Bo Long, Yong Kang Tailong dozens of companies refer to this process, this process less investment in equipment, simple mold structure, and stability of the qualified rate.

Two. Cylinder:

A high pressure die casting: Weifang xinhai aluminum technology co.ltds in this technology, high technology products, high production efficiency. Equipment and tooling investment, several independent research and development in the mold of the Department several levels of less than a day. The level of domestic mold process to be improved.

Metal Low Pressure Casting: Chongqing Qin'an. FAW nonferrous metal casting company. Several the on Haiaishida companies using this technology, ASTAR the company's unique technology, advanced and patented.

Sand low pressure: Kolbenschmidt Pierburg Shanghai due to the vulnerability of the electromagnetic pump be replaced by pneumatic pressure, the current passing rate of less, more casting defects, the product surface is rough, but sand, good ventilation, filling better.

Gravity metal process: Suzhou Mingchih Machinery Company, Nanjing Teksid, Wuhu three companies and other companies in this process, this process is divided into bilateral antes and gravity tilt, low technology products, requiring the cylinder wall thickness large, thin-walled cylinder is recommended to use low-voltage or high pressure die casting process.

The intake manifold:

Gravity tilting: The process in the country, dozens of companies using the technology of the bottom note and top note combines the benefits of both to ensure the smooth filling but also ensures that the riser temperature. This process defects sticky sand surface (charge type caused by unstable), choking gas. dark riser temperature caused by shrinkage and other problems, so a different intake manifold depends on product mix, not all apply to this process.

Gravity casting: This process is the traditional process, gate Cup, sprue, runner, of Inside the gate, place the filter. This process filling a smooth, exhaust the formation of the solidification temperature gradient can be Select priority to feeding the site to enter and dark riser connection runner this process process yield is low, the need to filter the high cost, but worth the use.

Gravity casting draped slit pouring: the inner gate design into a 1.5-2MM fully filter the alloy oxidation slag material, can reduce the cost of the filter, but prone to pinhole defects are generally not ideal to avoid residue cause.

Four other products:

A cylinder head cover: die-casting

Sump: A. die-casting, B. The gravity

The engine suspension bracket: gravity metal mold, gravity casting, or tilt pouring.

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