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Xinhai Aluminum held party to Celebrate the arrival for the new year 2013 today.

The new year 2013 is comming, all the staff in our company come together and held a party to celebrate the arrival of the new year. sing and dancing ,every one enjoy the party so much. 2012,12,31

Merry Charistmas And Happy New Year To All Of You!

manager wang sing alone
beer cheers staff
boss Liu propose a toast
ceo liu sing and dancing
Solo sing
Staff Cheers beer
Boss Propose toast
Ceo Sing and dancing
cheers toast
musical dielogues
drink all
handsome youngman sing alone
Cheers Toast
Musical Dialogues
Drink All
Handsome young man
host and hostess
lady dancing
ligation balloon
man workers cheers
Host and hostessr
Lady Dancing
ligation Balloon
Man workers cheers
play and laughing
play games and win gifts
colleagues play joking
workers sing alone
Play and laughing
Play games
Colleagues Joking
Workers Sing Alone
playing games
staff gain gifts
staff gan bei
women Staff Toast
Playing Games
Staff Gain Gifts
Staff Ganbei
Women Staff Toast
winner of the games
seized chairs game
enjoy the meal
sing together
winner of the game
Seized chairs game
Enjoy the meal
Sing Together

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