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Why Aluminum alloy castings causes stomatal during welding?

Blowholes reasons: wire, welding pieces of surface oil, dirt , rust, dirt and oxide film is not cleaned ; acetylene or oxygen purity is too low ; flame nature improper selection ; flux damp or poor quality ; welding torch swing fast and large ; welding locust uneven filling ; welding site around the larger the wind ; welding speed is too fast , the flame prematurely leave the pool ; wire and the base material does not match the chemical composition .
 Measures to prevent the pores generated : In the groove before welding and both sides should be 20-30mm range of oils, dirt , rust, dirt and oxide film cleaned ; selection of qualified acetylene and oxygen , in order to ensure purity requirements ; selection Xing Yan, micro- carbon flame : fill plus wire should be uniform, tip swing too fast and not too large , pay attention to strengthening the protection of the flame to the pool ; , if necessary, shall be set up in the welding field windbreak device ; according to the actual situation , welding the workpiece before preheating, welding the appropriate choice of welding speed , welding and soldering end midway stop , should gradually withdraw welding flame , so that the bath slowly cooled , allowing gas to escape from the pool sufficiently to reduce the porosity produce ; Note To bear and base metal welding reasonable match.

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