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Air Jack leg drill is one of our main products, the modern rock drills tools with our leading technology which is using the institutions of gas water linkage, highly stretch out and draw back of air leg,air pressure regulation. control handles on the mainframe engines contribute to a convenient operation.

The silencer equipment can change the direction of exhaust fumes,effectively reduce the noise and improve the working conditions. Practice has proved that the 7655 airleg rock drill for tunnel driving, which has received widespread praise for it,s good speed, low failure rate,long service life of worn parts and excellent service.It is widely used in tunnel heading, blasting holes drilling in mining, it is indispensable equipments in metallurgy, coal mining, railway construction, transportation projects, water conservancy and national defense building at the same time.It is applied to drilling holes horizontally or with inclination on rocks with medium hard or hard rock (f=8-18), and drilling boreholes which are perpendicular to the rock face of roof.

The diameter of the blasting holes is usually 34-42mm, and the depth of the effective and economical holes can be 5m, 7655 type gas leg rock drills, can not only combine with the air leg of the FT160a (or FT160B,FT160C,FT170) and the injector of FY200B, it can also be loading on the drill truck or used on drilling rig.


7655 air leg pneumatic rock drill yt24 air jack leg rock drill yt28 jack air leg rock drill
Air leg rock drill 7655 Pneumatic rock drill YT24 YT28 jack leg air rock drill
y018 hand held air rock drills y20 hand held rock spliter air y50 air hand held rock drills
Y018 hand held rock drill Y20 hand held rock spliter
y50 pneumatic rock drills
y24 pneumatic rock spliter    
Y24 pneumatic rock spliter    

air jack leg rock drill

hand held rock drills pneumatic

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