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Road stud aluminum die casting housing casing casting road marking

Cast aluminum road stud
Sub-full-cast aluminum and cast aluminum shell two. Full cast aluminum shell all are made ​​of metal, high compressive strength, generally used for double yellow lines at, generally referred to as aluminum road stud. Aluminum shell housing is cast aluminum, inside of the filler, this road stud low cost than full cast aluminum, while compressive strength is not so high, generally referred to as a cast aluminum the road stud or cast filled road studFeatures:
1 is made of high-strength aluminum alloy cast, compression of more than 30 tons; and resistance to UV, anti-aging
2 shell on both sides of the handle bit convenient installation workers pinch the housing and not to engage in dirty reflector
3 with nails driven into the ground, and then glue bonding, double reinforced stability
Salinity corrosion resistance to sand abrasion
5 good performance of the reflector, reflector for the microprism ATR reflector, reflective brightness diamond grade reflective brightness
6 solid, reliable, durable
7. Installed in the midline, edges are suitable for use in heavy traffic road, and can also be used to do the deceleration spike
The main purposes: for road or pedestrian refuges at night reflective
Main material: reflective part of the PC material, excellent impact resistance, the main body is made of cast aluminum, glass, ceramics, pc, to protect the safety of the vehicle and occupants

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