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XH-0018 Aluminum Road Lamp Casing

road lamp casing aluminum led street casing

Product Details:
XH-0018 street lamp housing:

1: The newly designed high-quality aluminum street lamp casing, simple and stylish appearance, the appearance of anodic oxidation, heat sink and light shell integration design, good performance of decay heat. The profiles scattered area, structure, beautiful appearance, waterproof, and the main part of the lamp body shell according to the needs of customers ordered, power 42-196W, an additional power rating plus 14W, for each additional one power level shell lengthened 60mm.42W the street lamp shell size: W306 × H70mm. 2: The shell structure: special lights shell structure design, the circulation of the wind can speed up the cooling effect, while reducing drag, reducing the pressure load of poles, a special mounting bracket structure design, lamp illumination angle can be flexibly adjusted. 3: structural waterproofing features: unique structure is conducive to water discharge, the new waterproof silicone shell, which would ensure the tightness of the lamps, to ensure that no water and dust; 4: superior thermal structure: radiator and light body integration thickening of the aluminum can improve the real-time thermal conductivity; wave-type heat sink to increase heat dissipation area, effectively improve the heat dissipation effect. Among the entire structure is superior to both sides of the heat, and thus play a cooling and uniform effect, so that the whole street lamps in the course of more stable. Product advantages:

1: light casing and the cooling part of the integration to avoid
Traditional lamp housing is not an ideal solution to the drawbacks of LED heat. The high thermal conductivity of aluminum as a cooling body, the appearance of the oxidation process at the same time ensure that the heat of decay.

2: Protection degree IP65 to ensure that the entire lamp in a different environment to long-term stability, the entire lamp life> 50000H

3: Applications: urban highway / main, sub-distributors, slip roads, factories, schools, parks , a variety of residential quarters, courtyards and other road lighting. Note: Case contains tempered glass and waterproof pouches, does not contain a reflective plate and aluminum plate (the package).
Details are as follows: (can be changed with the size of the power of shell length, width and height unchanged)
Name: LED street lamp housing

Dimensions: (L) 306mmX (H) 70mm

Tempered glass Dimensions: (255MM - 920MM) H (W) 294mmX (H) 4mm

Surface treatment: anodizing, electrostatic spraying

Waterproof apron thickness: 5.8mm

Maximum power of 196W

Degree of protection: waterproof and dustproof to IP65

Material: aluminum alloy 6063

Weight: 5.1kg

Accessories: aluminum enclosure, plug, bracket, waterproof apron, tempered glass, stainless steel screws
Applications: apply to tunnels, bridges, parks, sculpture, squares, three-dimensional surface

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