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Quality of cast aluminum accessories and forging process

Quality of cast aluminum accessories and forging process
 Cast aluminum parts quality has a great influence on the performance of mechanical products. For example, wear resistance and dimensional stability of the machine aluminum fittings, directly affect the accuracy of the machine maintaining life; accuracy and surface roughness of the various types of the pump's impeller, the housing and the size of the lumen of the hydraulic parts, the parting line, directly pump and hydraulic system efficiency, energy consumption and cavitation development; strength and resistance to spalling of the internal combustion engine cylinder block, cylinder head, cylinder liners, piston rings, exhaust pipes and other aluminum castings, directly affect the engine working life.
Cast aluminum accessories priority sand casting, mainly due to sand casting and low cost compared to other casting methods, the production process is simple, short production cycle. Consider the use of clay, sand dry sand, dry sand or other sand when wet type can not meet the requirements. Cast aluminum parts casting method and production volume, low pressure die casting, die casting, centrifugal casting, casting method, expensive equipment and mold, so only suitable for mass production, cast aluminum fittings can also can be mass-produced single-piece casting.
         Cast aluminum accessories overall atmospheric impregnation impregnation method, pressure impregnation, vacuum impregnation and vacuum pressure impregnation, used for mass production of small and medium-sized castings. Casting defects in cast aluminum accessories, was through, or surface defects or hidden defects affect the casting strength can only be found by non-destructive testing methods, and still can not be repaired, the impregnation process only the first two types of defects.
Cast aluminum accessories impregnation process method, distribution, casting working conditions, and the type of structure size and infiltration of agents decided according to the nature of the casting defects. The impregnation treatment methods are divided into two categories of local infiltration and overall infiltration. The aluminum accessories partial impregnation method brushing method, injection method, dip coating method and the partial pressure impregnation method, it applies to a leak site is known cast aluminum parts. This method is a simple process, easy to operate, and less consumption of impregnating agent used for large castings or production of a single piece of casting.




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