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Overview of the die casting design points
 The casting structure design shall comply with the requirements of the machinery and equipment and the requirements of the machining process, we must also comply with the requirements of the casting process, the structural design of the casting should pay attention to the following points:

To facilitate the manufacturing model, core box and modeling:

1) The shape of the casting should keep it simple and to facilitate from the model, should try to make the casting parting surface is flat, and the number is the smallest;

2) no or little the casting cavity should strive casting core, the core should be convenient for its support, fixed and exhaust out of the sand, where necessary, with enough technical hole;

3) For the structure of the internal and external surface of the die casting and stiffening ribs should be from the direction of the mold with a certain structure slope;

4) on the casting of the boss portion with the cast body should not differ too large, it is preferable to take the same height, the same surface of the close proximity of the several bosses, preferably integrally connected convex portion.

Second, to reduce the tendency of casting defects:

1) die casting wall thickness should be uniform, in order to prevent shrinkage, thermal cracking, when the need to ensure the solidification conditions, you should try it with a wall thickness change in one direction, when the need to ensure the solidification conditions should it has a cross-section wall thickness;

2) the connection between the die casting wall to wall should prevent sharp corners and metal agglomeration should gradually transition between the thick-walled and thin-walled prevent mutations, avoid hot section and stress concentration, the formation of thermal cracking, shrinkage;


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