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Automobile engine oil pump housing body cover die casting

Sump oil pan
(Oil Pan) is located in the engine lower part: removable, as sump casing and sealed by the axle box. The sump is the lower half of the crankcase, also known as the lower crankcase. The role of closed crankcase as sump shell, to prevent ingress of impurities, and to collect and store the lubricant flow back into the diesel engine friction surface to dissipate some of the heat to prevent oil oxidation. Sump more by a thin steel plate stamping, some aluminum alloy casting. Its built-stabilizing oil baffle to avoid diesel engine bumps caused by the oil surface the shock Jijian, conducive lubricants impurity precipitation side equipped with a dipstick to check the oil. In addition, the the sump bottom of the lowest at also equipped with a drain plug.

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