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Maintenance and upkeep of the aluminum die-casting mold

Die casting mold casting production in one of the three essential factors mold using a direct impact on the life of the mold, production efficiency and product quality, relationship with die-casting cost. For die-casting workshop, the mold well maintained and maintenance is a strong guarantee for the smooth conduct of normal production, is conducive to the stability of product quality, reduce largely invisible cost of production, thereby increasing production efficiency. According to the problems encountered in actual production, we explore how to better maintenance of the mold.
First: create a mold file is ready (1) to each set of mold in the factory to establish a complete set of record, this is to ensure that an important basis for future maintenance and maintenance have to do every detail , clear, including the daily production mode times ~ ~ (2) as a mold management, the mold self into factory after every part of the mold structure accessories must detail credited to where molds file, and needed mold wearing parts lists, prepared in advance of accessories, such as ejector, core, ~ ~ The minimum consumable spare parts inventory, so as not to delay production because of inadequate preparation. Because a lot of the lessons the company, prepare to Sapindus. Delay the production because he did not prepare spare parts for die-casting company cost a lot of time, effort, holding furnace electricity (or liquefied petroleum gas) and so is not a small number, the most important is the delay in the production delayed delivery losses will be even greater! (3) to die while doing biographical card the necessary permanent marker, engraved in the mold itself easily distinguishable. So as long as it does not fool everyone not cause installed the wrong mold farce. (4) with cylinder pumping core mold as soon as possible to its coupled with quick coupler, or mold per disassembly of the oil leaking from the cylinder wasted enough money you pay a month's wages of several employees, you employees can also use the money saved to improve the food. This also greatly shorten the time of loading and unloading the mold of the die-casting operator a few things in one fell swoop. Remember to buy some good quality quick connector, or just the opposite. (5) Early development of mold management provides systematic training of staff effective implementation.
Second: Note to mold in the production process mentioned mold maintenance and maintenance, in the minds of a lot of die-cast operator immediately flashed a concept, and believe that mold repair work, and he has little In fact, just the opposite. How the fate of all mold can be said to hold in the hands of die-cast operator. Say you have a car, open a few years broken, you can say all those car wash? Die in the process of using the following points should pay special attention to: (1) the use of the mold cooling system. Mold cooling water in the proper use of the case, not only to extend the life of the mold, and improve production efficiency. In actual production, we often overlook the importance operatives also the easy way out, then go to pick too much trouble, do not pick up the cooling pipes, and some companies even when custom mold turned out not to cooling in order to save costs water, causing very serious consequences. Mold steel mold materials are generally dedicated by various processing produced, even the best die steel also have their limit, such as temperature. The mold in the state of use, and if the mold temperature is too high, it is easy it will make the surface of the mold core early turtle cracks, some mold is not even over 2000 die times crack turtle on a large area. Even mold in production because of the mold temperature is too high mold core has changed color, has been measured even reached more than 400 degrees, the temperature release agent chilling encounter very prone to crack turtle production easy to deformation, strain, stick mold. In the case of using a mold of the cooling water, the use of the release agent can be greatly reduced, so that operators will not use a release agent to reduce the temperature of the mold. Its advantage to extend the effective life of the die, to save die casting cycle, improve product quality, reduce the occurrence of the sticky mold and strain and sticky aluminum, to reduce the use of mold release agents. Ejector and core loss can reduce mold temperature overheating. (2) die in the process of starting production of the mold must be preheated to prevent the hot liquid metal cold die suddenly encountered a result of the emergence of crack turtle, the more complex the mold with a blowtorch, liquefied petroleum gas, good condition with mold temperature controller, a relatively simple mold can take advantage of slow injection preheating. (3) of the mold parting surface clean-up, it is very cumbersome, and it is very easy to overlook if the the boss starting point, buy a good mold, then it appears to work much easier, if the mold is poor quality, production is inevitable in the mold parting surface generation of burrs or dirt, operatives should always clean up these sites at any time with a small blade (the company should give your employees the tools ready to complete a good gun to war). If you have flash did not timely removal, mold parting surface easily collapsed, resulting in the production process in the run aluminum, once the result of the consequences, no matter how good mold repair experts, the possibility of fully restored small not they do not have the ability. Appear ran aluminum consequences, not only increase the die cost, wasted white aluminum, the product quality is not stable, especially internal quality and determine the degree of difficulty of the process parameters, the pass rate will drop a lot, from security considerations, increase the risk of work-related injuries occur. Shift when operatives application kerosene thoroughly cleaning the mold parting surface again, not only to prevent mold not be Jishang to and after cleaning, can mold release agent residue or other dirt clogging row gas tank to get through, is conducive to the process of injection medium-sized cavity gas discharge to improve product quality, a team down appropriate cleaning parting surface twice. Workers must develop a good habit. (4) If the mold with neutron control, attention to the absolute prohibition of signal lines between the die-casting machine and mold connector phenomenon, the reason is very clear signal line, it is difficult to avoid the water on in the day-to-day production, or joints dressing place easy to break, resulting in a short circuit and the machine, if caused by a signal error, ranging from Automatic shutdown delay time, while signal disturbance, top of the mold is broken. Resulting in unnecessary losses. Travel switch waterproof. (5) when the succession of each team, in accordance with the "mold point checklist" to do a serious point inspection, found the problem solved, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble.
Mold repair classes play a "cure all disease and physical" role responsibilities in mold maintenance and maintenance, completion of a batch of tasks for a set of molds, mold remove the mold repair personnel must set mold has a very detailed understanding of how many die times, such as total production until now have what fault the tail pieces products to understand the current state of the mold, to mold safe life, whether production workshop filing mode, etc. to which you want to view this mold the file; (1) mold repair personnel in the maintenance, repair, maintenance, a principle that must be mastered, and definitely not allowed to modify the size of the mold down in such a premise work to if a change in the original size, there is a batch quality accident occurred, the loss will be very heavy. (2) In accordance with the Company "mold repair maintenance regulations really good job in the maintenance work. Mold repair work in the maintenance process, the use of awareness, lack of use of tools such as mold polishing process with a relatively coarse Whetstone, some even polishing machine installed hundreds impeller polishing the core, not only caused by the mold core deep scratches on the surface everywhere, hurt to the core and the surface of the nitride layer, simply can not use, not sticky mold casting next production is strained. There are many cases is so good last mold production, etc. The reproduction on how can stem not live, in addition to other external factors, this is a very important reason. (3) For wearing parts such as ejector, core should be carefully checked, not bent, cracked, if timely replacement of a lot of situations, such as mold reproduction, not how many die times core is broken, mostly due to Thus, there is no serious examination, have no advance discovery made, resulting in a great waste of manpower and time. (5) polishing mold need to add that, where there is a sticky aluminum, where coke polishing where, as far as possible to reduce the wear and tear caused by the mold polishing. (6) to respond to the movement of parts of the mold, and the combination of parts, screws, etc. to do lubrication and anti-rust treatment. (7) mold management personnel to supervise the maintenance condition at any time to pay attention to the other management details. Good maintenance records in the query.
The custody of the mold should be done ledger drawings, files, such as consistency, mold can not disassemble placed to avoid the loss of parts, and the regular mold has not been used for a long anti-rust treatment. New mold within the prescribed period to do to deal with stress as far as possible, in order to extend its service life.
Mold maintenance and repair process, some say very simple, all understand that, but really difficult to do so, we need to continue to implement the dutiful, the work place.


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