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Aluminum Low Pressure Casting Services

We have starting low pressure casting service from last year, and low pressure casting have a lot advantages.

(1) when pouring pressure and speed can be adjusted, and therefore applicable to a variety of different mold (metal type, sand, etc.), casting a variety of alloys and casting of various sizes.

(2) use antes type filling, liquid metal filling smoothly without splashing phenomenon can be avoided involvement in the gas and on the type of wall and core erosion, improve casting yield.

(3) crystallization under pressure castings, castings dense, clean cut, smooth surface, high mechanical properties, for large thin-walled casting is particularly advantageous.

(4) eliminating the need for feeding riser, metal utilization rate increased to 90 ~ 98%.

(5) low labor intensity, good working conditions, equipment, simple, easy to realize mechanization and automation.

low pressure casting parts
aluminum low pressure die casting
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Low pressure cast parts
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