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Precision hydraulic bearing pullers manufacturer

Hydraulic pullers in the the hydraulic actuating lever forward movement, it is not to turn the push rod itself. Controllable pitch forward and back the hook seat directly to do with the thread, small swing before and after the operation as long as the handle hydraulic start lever forward, hook corresponding back pulled objects pulled out. Edit this paragraph the role and function of the new hydraulic Rama easy to operate, and effort. 2 three-jaw type with two claw the scene working to replace them. Can rotate freely according to Rama from the center point of the piston, and soon run into the center of the pulled workpiece. (4) It can choose pump. The use of flexible, light weight, small size, easy to carry and ideal tool for factories, ship repair places. Edit this paragraph the application range of hydraulic gear puller is the new ideal tool for an alternative to the traditional Rama, has a compact structure, flexible in use, carrying operation is very convenient, less subject to site constraints and other characteristics suitable for various repair places

hydraulic puller one body bearing puller
Hydraulic puller one body
Hydraulic bearing puller

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