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How to store aluminum die casting parts

Aluminum die casting How to store
     Aluminum die casting aluminum die-casting approach is to be produced, the use of such a die casting performance, the use of aluminum materials production, and therefore, when used, will not rust phenomenon, can achieve long-term normal usage. Then deposited aluminum die casting should pay attention to what?
1, aluminum die casting in the store, you need to place it in a ventilated, dry environment;
2, to avoid aluminum die casting and other chemical elements in contact with other chemical elements after contact will cause aluminum die casting made ​​other changes;
3, because aluminum is a reactive metal, after contact with a certain temperature is prone to oxidation phenomena, usually aluminum die casting in place, avoid direct sunlight;
4, preferably aluminum die casting can be placed in a specific location, to ensure that the intact aluminum die casting, any other change does not occur;
5, place aluminum die casting, do not let die castings and water contact, after contact with water, easy to aluminum die casting black

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