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How to select the die casting machine clamping force?

How to select the die casting machine clamping force?
Die casting products offer early and die-casting mold design involves the selection of die casting machine tonnage, tonnage chosen based on the following three steps:

A check of clamping force

a total projected area A = castings projected area A1 + the sprue area of ​​A2 (0.15 0.3A1) + row overflow system A3 (0.1 0.2A1) + material shank area The A4 (3.14xdxd d as the diameter of the feed chamber, both red head diameter)

the expansion force F1 = Ax, the total projected area of ​​the injection pressure ratio (MPa) to withstand the pressure of the so-called injection pressure is the unit area, based on experience: general piece carrier 30 to 50 50 to 80 air resistance Bcc 80 to 100

c. clamping force F2 = expansion force F1/KK insurance factor: 0.85

Primaries die casting machine tonnage


Second, check fullness

a total weight = weight of the casting + runner weight + weight of the feed handle + row overflow system weight of various parts of the projected area of ​​the already calculated depth, knowing the volume

b fullness = tw / casting and the amount of the amount of casting using a different feed chamber die casting machine for different when the maximum weight of the alloy

Die casting machine tonnage according to the full value checksum primaries, usually full degree between 40% to 75%


Third, check mold size

a. casting a simple mold qualifying, knowing the dimensions of the mold

Gelin column selected die casting machine according to mold size check distance suitability

Finalize the die casting machine tonnage

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