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How to fix aluminum pillow blocks

Aviation turbine housing is aluminum, between the bearing outer ring and bearing wear, can the electric brush plating methods repair the aluminum pillow blocks bearing?

Brush Plating
can not repair aluminum bearing support, you can use rebuilding compound to fix, the rebuilding compound, two-component, 24 hours curing, the strength is very high, can achieve the strength of the metal, but it is very expensive. Turning, milling, planing, grinding all kinds of processing can be process after good stick. Fully able to meet the requirements. If the Aluminum Bearing seat wall thickness thicker on the car you can cut off part of the pre-car ring, leaving the processing volume, a good stick lathe to the final size, turning rough machined surface easy to bond, so perfect, if the wall thickness, after the pillow blocks bearing, directly coating curing process. Curing under different temperatures at different speeds, and certainly do not worry, fully cured before you start processing! We have successfully repaired numerous bearing is very simple!

Different repair techniques can use  for different castings. rebuilding compound, easy to use, low cost, quality assurance. China Epoxy Resin Industry Association experts, rebuilding compound is a two-component room temperature curing adhesives, packaging, metal hose made ​​from epoxy resin , curing agents, toughening agents, reactive diluents, and a variety of quality packing preparation, has good heat resistance, corrosion resistance and a smaller contraction. Can be used for the casting of cast iron, cast steel, cast aluminum air hole, including the defects found in the finishing, but also for general structural adhesive. Domestic early start Adhesive plant as early as 10 years ago began producing caster repair glue, variety, quality has been greatly improved, and accumulated a wealth of caster rubber patch. Caster rubber adhesive patches after curing temperature of 25 ℃ often test the hardness of HB80, and has a strong resistance to abrasion, can meet the requirements.



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