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Gravity casting mold making and application analysis

Gravity casting mold application analysis
Advanced equipment, of course, is to ensure that the essential factors of product quality, but the role of mold in the casting is also very important. Especially for aluminum automotive components manufacturers, precision and durability of the mold product quality is obvious.
Ferrous metal casting, mold more in order to form a mold cavity, the general mold itself does not directly touch with the liquid metal, especially for the complex shape of the non-metallic die casting especially in contact with the hot liquid metal shape material, mainly sand, which makes the molding material to become a major factor affecting the quality of casting. Gravity casting is different, due to lower aluminum alloy melting point, good casting performance, in mass production, the shape of the casting by the mold formed, such as aluminum engine block, cylinder head, etc., not only help to improve labor productivity, but more importantly, by adjusting the temperature of the mold in different parts of distribution, to control the organizational structure and grain size of the casting to improve casting quality, while avoiding a large number of environmental pollution brought about by the use of modeling material to improve the labor conditions of the workshop.
With different complexity of the shape castings, aluminum gravity casting mold of the same. Even the same parts, using different casting process, mold forms are often different, however, Gravity casting mold or something in common.
First, you must select the appropriate casting process, the pros and cons of the casting process is directly related to the level of casting quality and process yield. Some mold factories have begun to use solidification simulation to the casting process-assisted design and computer simulation of filling and solidification process, it is easy to produce heat in parts of the casting defects be overcome to improve the design of the casting process and reliable to effectively prevent unnecessary rework of molds in the debugging process, it is very important and effective.
Secondly, the mold have a good volume heat capacity. Thick mold and modules to meet the requirements, is not only effective guarantee of the die life, and have a very important role in the regulation of the temperature field in the mold of continuous work process. Some mold factory, in order to reduce costs, save materials, simply reduce the effective thickness of the mold in order to achieve the purpose of reduce weight, does not know that this not only greatly reduce the life of the mold and the casting is easy to deformation, affect the dimensional accuracy of castings, and in severe will lead to the casting batch scrap losses to the foundry, more serious damage to the reputation of the mold factory.
Third, the mold should be more reliable cooling system and pull the gas system. By cooling, not only can effectively increase labor productivity, but also regulates the temperature field of castings, control the casting cooling rate, thereby affecting the the castings internal organizational structure and grain size to achieve the purpose of effective control of the mechanical properties of castings. As the name suggests, pulling gas, artificial cavity inside the gas discharged to the cavity, in order to reduce the casting to produce the possibility of stomatal defects. Meanwhile, through the installation of the exhaust plugs can also swap the local small area of ​​mold temperature, prevent and overcome the cracking of aluminum alloy and shrink defect have a very important role.
Fourth, the mold positioning device must have to match the casting machine and a convenient tool to install the system. Positioning device is not only to ensure the casting size, reduce the Phi seam and burrs on the key, but also to ensure the normal working of the casting machine Key can be said that the mold is no good positioning device, there is no good qualified casting. The mold must be easy to install and disassemble, Gravity casting, every certain amount of time necessary to remove the mold to re-spray paint and repair mode, if the demolition is inconvenient, is bound to increase the labor intensity of workers, take up more labor time and reduce productivity and efficiency.
For foundries, mold quality means high-quality castings, means lower costs, higher output and profits.
At present, domestic mold industry has developed rapidly, only Gravity casting mold manufacturing plant will be at least hundreds, and with the development of the automotive industry and the influx of foreign capital, mold manufacturing plant, both in scale and technical strength in the growing , with the popularity of the application of the CNC machining equipment, the level of processing of the mold industry with foreign how big the gap, many mold factory of the more advanced testing equipment, but our level of management, design concepts, business philosophy and their foreign counterparts there gap, mold materials and heat treatment to strengthen the means are also far behind developed countries. The current status of the casting mold manufacturing plant for practical experience, thinker and mold manufacturing and engineering and technical personnel to understand the casting process is very lacking, and the mold debugging and process validation is a hurdle that will step in the mold production process, because successful mold and mature technology is desired by many of today's technical force is weaker foundry.
Standardization of mold and mold standard parts of the application is the inevitable trend of development of mold industry in the future. This late start of the aluminum alloy gravity casting even more so. Only implemented for the standardization of the mold, in order to standardize the behavior of the mold factory, prompting the mold factory to be possible to provide inexpensive high-quality standard mold. The same time, the standardization and application of the standard mold of the mold, will enable the foundry is easier to monitor the quality of the mold, mold maintenance and maintenance more convenient. The use of mold standard parts, production economies of scale will help to change the mold industry is more variety, small batch production inefficient situation, to reduce costs and improve productivity.
In short, the precise size, high production efficiency, ease of use and maintenance is the eternal pursuit of the mold industry and the foundry

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