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Computerized Flat Knitting Machine die casting spare parts

Computerized flat knitting machine is a needle plate latch needle weft weaving loom. Its triangular device like a set of planar cam pin needles into the channel of the cam, mobile triangle, forcing the needles in the needle plate needle slot for regular lifting movement, and through the needle hook and needle tongue action yarn woven into the knitted fabric. Needles during ascent, the coil gradually withdraw the needle hook, open the needle tongue, and exit the needle tongue hanging on the needle bar; knitting needles in the process of decline, the needle hook to hook the new pad to put the yarn, and pull bent into a coil, the original coil prolapse needle hook, through the new coil from the old coil in series with the old coil, a large number of knitting into a coil strings interconnected to form a knitted fabric. we can OEM die casting all kinds of aluminum parts for you.

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computer flat knit machine
Knitting machine spare parts
Flat knitting machine cast
flat knitting machine base cover aluminum knit machine casing aluminum cast knitting machine aluminum cover
flat knit machine base cover
Knit machine casing cast
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