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Die Casting Machine Extrusion die casting proecess


First of all, let's talk about a squeeze casting process and equipment application status is what his course of development of the hot chamber die casting machine is how?
Squeeze casting technology invented 65 years, it has a strong technological advantage, has been important for the mechanical manufacturing technology industry. Unfortunately, by the constraints of the traditional way of thinking, and equipment development lag, squeeze casting advantages are not yet able to show. Current squeeze casting process is basic to the open casting the vertical extruded way, ergonomics highest horizontal cold chamber die casting process failed to achieve compatibility. The vertical closed mold filling squeeze casting has developed in recent years, with the precision and speed, dense die-casting principle of the invention 40 years ago, and are feeding injection institutions nominal pressure, did not reach the squeeze The pressure casting Feeding specific pressure requirements, strictly speaking, can not be regarded as the true sense of the squeeze casting.
Compared with die-casting technology, the existing squeeze casting equipment ergonomics high dimensional accuracy of parts forming, the relatively high cost. Higher skill requirements for workers due to the low degree of automation of equipment operation difficult, high labor intensity. The same parts, the workshop cost squeeze casting process approximately 2 --- 3 times the die casting process. The injection system is imperfect, complex structural parts are difficult to produce, limiting the wide application of the squeeze casting process.
Squeeze casting technology popularization and application of the existing problems, due to the lag in the development of equipment. Existing traditional squeeze casting technology and equipment, the biggest sticking point is not really effective combination of traditional die-casting device injection system, clamping, the Clamping and extruded how good combination is the key problem. Not breakthrough this point, the potential of the squeeze casting process can not fully play out alternative advantages of traditional die-casting process will be difficult to fully express traditional die-casting technology can not take this technology composite leapt to a new level.
Secondly, traditional die casting machine extrusion die casting process What are the advantages?
Traditional die-casting process and equipment technology has improved, especially horizontal cold chamber die casting machine and horizontal die casting process, the injection and clamping clamping device, with a strong craft adaptability. Therefore, if you can not squeeze casting process combined with traditional die-casting equipment, will restrict its wide application. Take this step, squeeze casting technology to another branch, which is extrusion die-casting technology. In other words, the squeeze casting technology, is applied on the basis of traditional die-casting machine extrusion die-casting technology. According to the characteristics of extrusion die-casting process, corresponding perfect transformation of traditional die-casting machine, this equipment is a new extrusion die-casting machine.
Furthermore how correct and comprehensive understanding of the die-casting process and the traditional function of the die-casting machine.
To grasp the principle of the squeeze casting process, a simple application on the ground in the traditional die-casting machine extrusion die-casting process is not difficult, the key is to break through the traditional concept. It needs to fully understanding the performance of traditional die-casting machines have, should have a deep understanding of traditional die-casting process, remove those preconceived vague understanding.
In fact, the traditional die-casting machine, its function is quite complete, it is not only capable of the ordinary die casting, but also squeeze die casting, with core extrusion die casting; not only a variety of low pressure die casting, pressure casting, gravity casting, vacuum suction casting, but also increased vacuum device, vacuum die-casting, vacuum extrusion die-casting. Thinking then release, semi-solid processing, forging technology with which combine to form a continuous casting and forging process, but also can effectively achieve.
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