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Estimates of the production capacity of the die casting machine

Number of calculation with the basic elements of each mold cavity is set to N, the "cavity digital / analog representation. Unit of time the number of die-casting mold according to the tact of the estimate (s / die), the hot chamber die casting machine estimates, translated to the die-casting mold per hour (modulus / h), is set to M. System according to various enterprises to arrange their own work, to determine the class, day, week, month, quarter and year of working hours, and were calculated on an annualized basis, single die casting machine table for the T Units of "h". Yield many factors affect die casting, the level of yield, directly related to the estimates of the production capacity of the die casting machine is set to C (less than 1).
Other fixed factors, to K (less than 1), such as: test mode of the new mold or repair of a mold, the adjustment and testing of the mold process parameters of the new product, due to peripheral devices (such as a furnace or holding furnace) failure. repair or temporary failure of the test machine after machine overhaul and power systems. Demand for production capacity estimated that a single species die casting die casting machine die casting is set to Q, the calculating unit with the "pieces". When the machine's production capacity is estimated calculation units corresponding to the production outline, such as: monthly, annual, is set to Q0. Estimated production capacity of the machine, is calculated as follows: Q0 = N • M • T • C • K. Demand Q machine capacity Q0: Q0 ≥ Q, only to meet the needs of a machine;, press Q when Q0 <Q / Q0 multiples increase the number of units of the die-casting machine.
Estimated that the multi-species die casting die casting machine production capacity of various varieties of individual estimates selected die casting machine models and specifications as well as the die-casting machine Q0, then Q with the demand of the respective species production outline a comparison when different species can use the same types and sizes of die-casting machine, these varieties Q combined, and then determine the die casting machine station number; When different varieties must respectively selection of different types and specifications of the die-casting machine, the respective determined selected die casting machine's station number. In summary, the selection of the die casting machine is very tedious, the primaries only estimates and projections, its accuracy is associated with the degree of master die-casting knowledge and practical experience. As the variety of die casting categories, requiring high yield, selection principles described here and the calculation method may also not comprehensive enough.


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