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Contained in the low-pressure casting characteristics and disadvantages

Contained in the low-pressure casting characteristics and disadvantages
   (A) pouring the pressure and speed can be adjusted, so suitable for various different mold (such as metal type, sand, etc.), casting a variety of alloys and a variety of big and small castings.
   (2) use antes type filling, liquid metal filling secure, no spatter signs can avoid getting involved in the gas and on the type of wall and core flushing, the passing rate of the casting progress.
   (3) crystallization under pressure castings, castings compact structure, surface clear, bright appearance, high mechanical properties, for large thin-walled casting is particularly advantageous.
   (4) eliminating the need for feeding riser, metal utilization rate improved to 90 to 98%.
   (5) low labor intensity, good working conditions, set up equipment, furnishings simple, easy to complete mechanization and automation.
   Advantages and disadvantages (relative gravity metals)
   1) Foundry utilization is very high. (85 ~ 95%)
   Since there is no riser and sprue, gate is small, it can significantly reduce material costs and processing time.
   2) get the perfect casting.
   Easy to form aggregation bias, less internal defects.
   3) gas, less involvement debris.
   Compression rate can be changed, by the laminar flow molten metal filling.
   4) can be made ​​using the sand core.
   5) easy to complete automation, you can multi-task, multi-step operations.
   6) from the impact of operator proficiency.
   7) The use of a wide range of material.
   1) a small degree of freedom gate programs, thus defining a product.
   (Gate location, quantity limitation, product changes and other internal wall thickness)
   2) casting cycle is long, productivity is poor.
   In order to maintain biased aggregation and molten activity, mold temperature is higher, agglutination slower.
   3) close to the gate structure thicker, the mechanical properties of the molding surface is not high.
   4) the management of the necessary precision sided (temperature, pressure, etc.)
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