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Characteristics structure and role of the aluminum plate for LED street lights

Cooling problems led the most vexing problems of the LED street lamp housing manufacturers, aluminum plate, but can be used because of aluminum's high thermal conductivity, good heat dissipation, can effectively export the internal heat. The aluminum plate is a unique metal-based CCL, which has good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation properties and machining performance. Should try the design of the PCB near the aluminum base, thereby reducing the thermal resistance of the part of the encapsulants.

    The characteristics of an aluminum plate

(1) using surface mount technology (SMT);
(2) in the circuit design of thermal diffusion in a very effective treatment;
3 reduce the operating temperature, increase the power density and reliability, extend product life;
Smaller footprint and reduce hardware and assembly costs;
Replace fragile ceramic substrates, to obtain better mechanical durability.

    The structure of two aluminum plates

    Copper clad aluminum is a metal circuit board material, copper foil, thermal insulation layer and the metal substrate composition, its structure is divided into three layers:
Cireuitl.Layer line layer: the equivalent of a common PCB, CCL, the line thickness of copper foil loz to 10oz.
DiELcctricLayer insulation: the insulation layer is a layer of low thermal resistance, thermal insulation materials.
BaseLayer the grassroots level: a metal substrate, usually aluminum or can be selected copper. Copper clad aluminum and traditional epoxy glass cloth laminated board and so on.

    The circuit layer (copper foil) are usually formed after etching the printed circuit, component parts connected to each other, under normal circumstances, the circuit layer requires a large carrying capacity, which should be used thick copper foil thickness of 35μm ~ 280μm; thermal insulation layer is the core technology of the aluminum plate where the polymer composition, it is generally filled by special ceramic thermal resistance, excellent viscoelastic properties of thermal aging ability, able to withstand the mechanical and thermal stress.

    Thermal insulation for high-performance aluminum plate is the use of such technology, it has a very good thermal conductivity and high strength electrical insulation properties; metal grass-roots support component of the aluminum plate, requires a high thermal conductivity, usually aluminum board, copper (in which the copper can provide better thermal conductivity), suitable for drilling, punching and cutting conventional machining. PCB material compared to other materials incomparable advantages. Suitable for power components, surface mount SMT public art. No radiator, greatly reduced, the cooling is very effective, good insulation and mechanical properties.

    Three, the use of the aluminum plate:

    Purposes: power hybrid IC (HIC).
An audio device: input, output amplifier, the balanced amplifier, audio amplifier, preamplifier, power amplifier.
(2) power supply: switching regulator DC / AC converter SW adjustment, etc..
(3) Communication of electronic equipment: high-frequency amplifier filter electrical transmitter circuit.
Office automation equipment: motor drive.
Car: electronic regulator ignition power controller and so on.
Computer: the CPU board floppy disk drive power devices.
Power modules: converter solid-state relay `rectifier bridges.


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