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Characteristics of magnesium alloy die castings

    In most cases, the magnesium alloy die-casting products and other alloy die casting is similar. Magnesium alloy die-casting mold and aluminum, zinc alloy die-casting mold similar. However, due to the magnesium alloy Unlike some of the characteristics of the aluminum alloy die-casting mold design to give full consideration to design a reasonable casting molds, thus efficient and economical production of magnesium alloy die castings.
The characteristics of the magnesium alloy
A lightweight magnesium proportion only 1.8G/CM3, the proportion of aluminum alloy 2.7G/CM3, magnesium alloy 30 percent lighter than aluminum and 80% lighter than steel. So magnesium alloy, automotive and portable electronic products has become an ideal material for parts manufactured.
2, the strength magnesium alloys in engineering materials such as metal and plastic, with excellent strength / weight ratio.
3, die-casting, in maintaining good structural conditions, magnesium alloy allows the casting wall thickness minimum reached 0.6MM, this is a plastic can not be achieved at the same intensity. Aluminum alloy die casting performance but also in the more than 1.2-1.5MM compared with magnesium alloy. Magnesium alloy easier casting molding, suitable for high-volume die casting production (production speeds of up to 1.5 times that of aluminum). In addition, the magnesium alloy die wear is low compared to aluminum.
4, damping, magnesium has excellent hysteresis elastic shock-absorbing properties, can absorb the vibration and noise, and used as equipment housing can reduce the transmission of noise, shock prevention and prevent sink damage.
5, the rigidity of the rigid magnesium is 2 times that of aluminum and is higher than most plastics. Magnesium have a good anti-stress resistance.
6, high electromagnetic interference barrier magnesium alloys have good blocking electromagnetic waves, suitable for the production of electronic products.
7, good machinability magnesium has better cutting properties than the aluminum and zinc, the magnesium to become easier cutting of a metal material.
8, magnesium alloy is faster than the heat capacity is small, the cooling rate of the liquid alloy.
9, the affinity of magnesium alloy and mold steel is difficult to adhere to the mold.

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