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Centrifugal casting process analysis and application

Centrifugal casting liquid metal is poured into a rotating cast, under the centrifugal force, filling and solidification into the casting foundry
Centrifugal casting machine used is called the centrifugal casting machine. According to the mold rotation axis, the centrifugal casting machine is divided into three kinds of horizontal vertical and inclined. Horizontal centrifugal casting machine is mainly used for casting a variety of tubular castings such as gray iron, ductile iron pipes and gas pipes, a minimum of 75 mm diameter, up to 3000 mm in addition to pouring the paper machine rollers of large diameter copper carbon steel, alloy steel pipe and require inner and outer layers of different composition of double-layer material steel roller. Vertical centrifugal casting machine is mainly used for the production of a variety of ring castings and small non-circular casting.
Centrifugal casting mold used for casting shape, size and production volume, the choice of non-metallic type (such as sand, shell, or investment casting shell mold), metal type, or deposited in the metal coating layer or resin sand the mold. Cast the number of revolutions is an important parameter, both have enough centrifugal force to increase the density of the casting metal centrifugal casting, centrifugal force can not too much, so as not to impede the contraction of the metal. In particular, lead bronze, centrifugal force is too large castings inside and outside the intramural component segregation. General speed per minute dozens go to about 1,500 rpm.
Centrifugal casting of liquid metal under the centrifugal force filling and solidification, the metal feeding effect, casting the outer layer of compact structure, non-metallic inclusions, good mechanical properties; not modeling, core making, saving materials and equipment investment. Casting hollow castings without Riser metal utilization can be greatly enhanced. Therefore, a certain shape casting, centrifugal casting, a material savings, save energy, cost-effective process, with particular attention paid to take effective security measures.
Centrifugal casting can be obtained without shrinkage, porosity, slag casting, and organized crime, good mechanical properties. When casting circular hollow parts, eliminating the need for batteries. In addition, centrifugal casting without casting system, reduce the consumption of the metal.
Centrifugal Casting of cylindrical parts within the hole free surface roughness, the size of the error, poor quality, higher porosity, slag, and therefore need to increase

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