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Cast Aluminum Anti-Static Access Raised Floor

Aluminum alloy antistatic flooring made ​​of high quality aluminum ingots, once molded, the posted volts quality antistatic veneer, commonly used in anti-static, dust, carrying a large, high demand, electronic or pharmaceutical plant such as.
■ Floor consists of:
Antistatic floor board XINHAI aluminum alloy base for aluminum alloy, it is good conductivity, high mechanical strength. Attached to the surface of the fire-high wear-resistant high-pressure laminate (HPL) or PVC conductive floor tiles. The most high-end products in the anti-static access fraise floor die casting.
■ System assembly:
XINHAI aluminum alloy anti-static flooring system floors, exposed beams, bearings. Link beams and height adjustable stand with screws into a solid the lower support systems, floor mosaic into the beams surrounded by boxes.
■ Product Features:
Aluminum alloy by melting and casting aluminum alloy anti-static flooring, machined, and thus the high dimensional accuracy. Aluminum floor plate base will not deform due to flooding damp, non-corrosive, and hence long service life. Aluminum metal material is flame retardant non-combustible and fire performance is good. Aluminum floor plate-based high recycling value and refurbished and then reused value.
■ Applications:
Aluminum alloy anti-static floor applies to the telecommunications, power electronics, microelectronics, medical and other industries of the program-controlled computer room, computer room, power dispatch room, clean purification plant requires purification and anti-static places.

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