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Aluminum die-casting solidification characteristics

Aluminum die-casting solidification characteristics

With the improvement of the level of production, aluminum, because of its excellent quality, has been gradually applied to various fields, then what are the characteristics of this alloy in the die-casting it? Now follow me with it:
                                1, as compared with pure aluminum, aluminum alloy strength must be high, and the aluminum alloy rapid cooling has a finer grain products size and higher strength than the slow cooling.
                                2, does not render a complete solid solution of the two metals together, it will usually have a co-ingredient, its freezing point is lower than any one element of the solidification point should, in an aluminum alloy containing silicon, silicon-containing 11.7 % eutectic, then the melting point of the alloy is approximately lower than aluminum and 100 ° C, 850 ℃ lower than silicon. Eutectic composition of Al-Si alloy in addition to the structural characteristics of the two-phase uniform mechanical mixture, plus its low melting point and die-casting mold life much longer than with a higher melting point alloy die-casting mold, therefore, such silicon aluminum alloy often preferentially selected for the die-casting.
                                3, die-casting such alloys should pay special attention to increase during solidification of the temperature gradient, the mushy zone of the transition to the corresponding narrowed injection final stage, and in the high voltage is applied to help the feeding of the die casting.
                                My company has advanced die-casting machine, extruder machinery processing equipment, is a set of aluminum-zinc alloy die casting, gravity casting, aluminum and copper casting one of the specialized manufacturers. Reliable production of quality products, strict quality inspection system. Company to "uphold the integrity, focus on quality, pioneering and innovative" principle and dedication for the new and old customers to provide quality services to welcome you soon!


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