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Aluminum casting release agent application technology

Aluminum die casting, aluminum, magnesium, zinc alloy series die casting products, widely used in the automotive, telecommunications, motorcycles, home appliances and other industries. The aluminum die-casting mold release agent, the additives must be used in the production process. Different from the degree of structural complexity due to the different dimensions of the volume of the article, the article after different processing requirements, the releasing agent is also varied.

Zinc alloy
material is heated to melting (aluminum melting point of 660.4 ° ​​C) in the liquid under high pressure injection mold cavity and mold top pieces of the mold in a short period of time. In order to ensure the smooth mold release products, before injection mold cavity surface coating release agent.

Aluminum die-casting
mold release agents must meet the following requirements:

, oil. As intermetallic isolated material, the silicone oil is the ideal choice. This silicone oil must have high temperature does not affect the characteristics of the processing performance (such as aluminum products coating).

, water-based. Since the mold at the high temperature state, any solvent-based release agents are inappropriate. Using water as a dispersion medium, to a high temperature environment, the moisture evaporates quickly, releasing effective evenly distributed on the surface of the mold cavity. Film uniformity, strong adhesion, high temperature erosion, good mold release properties.

, the emulsion. Suitable emulsifiers silicone emulsion, and prevent its high temperature carbonization. In order to keep the products and cleaning of the surface of the mold cavity.

, no corrosion casting, mold equipment. Casting products contour clear, Seamless smooth surface, and do not affect the paint. Volatiles smoke-free, non-toxic and does not pollute the environment, non-destructive operator
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