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Aluminum casting properties and chemical composition introduced

Aluminum casting properties and chemical composition are closely related, in which Al-Si alloy is near the eutectic composition, casting the best performance, and gray cast iron similar. Al-Cu alloy away from the eutectic composition, solidification temperature range, casting worst performance. in actual production, aluminum castings have riser feeding, Al-Si based alloy solidification temperature range is small, riser feeding, high efficiency, easy to obtain dense castings. Others cast aluminum alloy solidification temperature range, riser feeding efficiency is low, poor casting dense.
Easy to
inhale and aluminum oxide, thus pouring molten aluminum system must ensure smooth flow faster and avoid agitation.
casting methods are suitable for aluminum alloy castings when production volume is small, the available sand casting, sand should be used to shape; mass production of important castings, then use special casting metal casting, high efficiency, good quality castings. low pressure casting applications that require high-density water-resistant casting. pressure casting can be used for small pieces of thin-walled complex.
Many different types of
aluminum furnace smelting equipment, usually used coke crucible furnace. Resistance crucible furnace can also be used in addition induction furnace (frequency, intermediate frequency) are also used.
of more complex structure than the pure metal, because the alloy of two or more elements, the elements of the interaction between the various phases will form. We put on metals and alloys, where the same chemical composition, the same structure and with the other parts separated by a uniform interface component, called phase

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