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Aluminum alloy metal casting forging technology process equipment

1. Outline
        Aluminum alloy metal casting method because its production rate, the labor environment clean, smooth casting surface and the internal organization of dense and other strengths is widely used. Especially the car made the idea of ​​parts industry in developed countries such as Japan, the United States, Britain, Germany and Italy a lot of metal gravity casting method produced car made the idea of ​​aluminum cylinder block, aluminum cylinder head and aluminum pistons. In recent years, many manufacturers in China to introduce advanced metal equipment or homemade equipment produced car made the idea of ​​cylinder head, into the trachea and piston aluminum castings. Metal cast aluminum technology is also widely used in aviation, aerospace, high-voltage electrical appliances, electrical machinery and instrumentation industries. Aluminum alloy metal forging and other forging methods (casting, low pressure forging and sand forging) unmatched upwind of the following aspects:
1) good quality of the geometric dimensions and microstructure.
2) low pressure and high pressure forging process is flexible and can be produced in a more complex castings.
3) is more conducive to high-volume production, to achieve a high degree of automation and simplified maintenance; equality produced scale, lower one-time investment of high and low pressure forging analogy, forging equipment, and metal type tooling.
2. Aluminum alloy metal forging technology
       (1) aluminum alloy metal forging process design metal forging process design hub castings casting to determine the location, of poured risk system design and mold temperature control and regulation.
   l) casting casting position. It is directly related to the number of the metal core and the sub-surface, the introducing position of the liquid metal, the degree of patency of the exhaust gas, and the metal structure complexity, to determine the temperature distribution of the metal machining and the ease of manipulation and casting cooling production efficiency, thereby affecting the casting dimensional accuracy and other quality inside and outside. Therefore, casting pouring position is first considered an important part of the forging process design.
   2) poured risk system. The castings poured risk system design decision of casting the inner and outer mass. Pouring take the system should have the skimming, exhaust and feeding function, while casting fair solidification and cooling temperature field. Accurate, fair poured take addition to empirically estimate with computer numerical simulation can be intuitively guess the casting solidification process temperature field, castings may generate dangerous parts of shrinkage (holes), so as to guide the process design, and by adjusting the pouring means to regulate the temperature field to take the system structure and size, metal structure, control the cooling rate or adjust the thickness of the paint layer, eliminating forging defects, such as the use of the car made the idea of ​​bottom gating rough aluminum cylinder heads, despite taking the set in the upper part of almost more than casting weight riser and the bottom of a forced water cooling process measures is difficult to adjust the fair solidification temperature field, it is difficult to eliminate shrinkage defects caused by overheating at the bottom near the gate. A factory in the introduction of French the Sifa company aluminum alloy metal forging machine just poured risk using this system, the production process is not chaos. 100 percent of the cylinder head needs infiltration shrinkage grim cylinder head even if infiltration contentment can not withstand voltage requirements; directly from the riser into the molten aluminum, aluminum cavity of the liquid through a ceramic filter purification backward people, ensure castings justice cooling gradient, the bottom-up order of solidification way to eliminate shrinkage defects, cylinder head yield significant progress. British Foseco company had two casting methods done specific research and comparison tests workpiece saying the latter DYPUR law. Type simplify the law, compact, saving the liquid aluminum castings high yield. The law even if the liquid aluminum defects the higher drop caused by the small amount of inclusions, casting mechanical function and not much airtight. Course, poured risk system opened position, structure and size in addition to considering casting solidification temperature, over-the-counter, the complexity of the need to take into account the type of liquid metal filling is stable, whether the skimming exhaust.
3) metal working temperature. Similarly, the metal working temperature and the temperature difference between the various departments of the cooling of the casting temperature field plays an important role. Mandatory water-cooled and air-cooled metal local overheating area in order to maintain the normal operating temperature of the region, progress in production efficiency, while eliminating overheating, ensure normal cooling temperature field. Metal working temperature control is more advanced and effective means to control the outlet temperature of the cooling water outlet temperature by cooling the cycle of reincarnation water speed adjustment. Such as metal type designed and manufactured by Italian the Fata company and France Sifa predecessors have improved the water, the air cooling device. Heavy hot section parts for local high thermal conductivity also inlaid, or regenerative large metal embedded block or adjust the thickness of the paint layer and paint types to to ensure castings formation justice cooling temperature gradient, eliminate localized shrinkage porosity (hole) defects .
        (2) aluminum alloy metal design and materials
   1) metal design and manufacturing. The good metal design and manufacturing technology contentment process design, to meet the high-volume, high-quality castings produced hub. Metal design mainly includes a metal structure, the exhaust system, the locking mechanism, the cooling system (s), the connection mechanism as well as castings top out mechanism. Fair forging process and metal design to reflect only improve the predecessors of metal processing and manufacturing technology.
   2) metal-type material. Inexpensive manufacture of metal-type materials should have sufficient high temperature strength, not mess certain heat resistance and thermal fatigue strength as well as sufficient strength and toughness. At home and general use of cast iron, cast steel and copper alloys as aluminum alloy metal mold material, uniform life of 10,000 to 50,000 times; developed countries commonly used classification of the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) H-13, commensurate at home and 4CrMoVSi steel. This steel has a higher thermal strength and hardness, and also has a high abrasion resistance and toughness, and use it as a mold, the casting dimension is not arbitrary, die life long, generally more than 100,000 times. Of course, the life of the mold and materials related with mold structure, forged alloy materials, manipulation and governance factors.
3. Aluminum metal forging equipment and automation
       (1) metal forging equipment, metal forging machine uses can be divided into the dedicated metal forging machine and general metal forging machine; manual, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic power can be divided into metal forging machine. Some foreign forging plant products and user requirements developed many dedicated metal forging machine, such as aluminum cylinder heads, aluminum cylinder, aluminum piston, aluminum intake manifold and metal forging machine. Italian Fata, France Sifa company known for manufacturing aluminum alloy metal forging machine. China in recent years, more than twenty manufacturers after another aluminum alloy metal forging machine and technology from abroad, at home and abroad supporting produced automotive aluminum castings. Shanghai Automotive introduction of Nonferrous Forging Plant the Fata metal forging machine to produce Santana made the idea of ​​aluminum cylinder heads, the introduction of FAW light hair idea factory the Sifa company equipment produced CA488 car the engine cylinder head.
        (2) a metal forging automation the metal forging automated production line production line comprising: melting and transmission equipment of the molten metal casting machine, metal forging machine, the lower core, and the pickup mechanical hand, a metallic paint coating machine, the casting transfer and poured riser resection machine, heat treatment equipment and Front rapid detection equipment. Automated production line together for the specialized production, efficient and clean way to produce large quantities of high-quality casting
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