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Pneumatic breaker air jack hammer air pick pneumatic crusher

Pneumatic air pick use compressed air to power tools, compressed air alternately assigned by the tubular dispensing valve in the cylinder at both ends, the hammer reciprocating impact exercise, so ho brazing into the work, resulting in splitting into blocks, reinforced to efficiently completeconcrete, rock, asphalt and other hard objects such as broken, with a lightweight and durable, excellent performance, the operation is simple, fast and efficient, is the best in the mines, bridges, roads, water, electricity, pipe network construction broken tool.

compare with the other type pick,G7 is so light flexible and convenient operation that suitable for operating all round work,especially in narrow ,upper or climbing directions.it can stop working automatically when the solid object is broken. it is widely,used in coal mining,soft rock ,digging pits for post brackets,digging slots, breaking concrete, frozen earth in construction and installation engineering or constructing works in casting industries.the type of G10 has higher efficiency and durability owe to its characteristics of short and light and it is more easy repair and maintenance than others. The main usage of G20 is including reinforced concrete construction cement, permafrost ice, soft rock, soft mineral road construction or other constructing works in casting industries picks of G20,can be used in the following way: Coal mining, digging the foundation, ditches, mine the soft rock, crumble the concrete of installation works in building , frozen soil and ice.

b47 pneumatic breakers B67c pneumatic jack hammer B87 pneumatic crusher
B47 pneumatic breakers B67c pneumatic jack hammer B87 pneumatic crusher
G7 air pick pneumatic G10 compressed air hammer g20 air miner pick
G7 Air pneumatic pick G10 compressed air hammer
G20 air miner pick

air breakers

pneumatic breakers

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