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Aluminum die casting will be widely used in auto parts

Aluminum die casting will be widely used in auto parts
The auto industry, related to improve performance, save energy, reduce costs, reduce pollution and many other issues are inseparable reduce vehicle weight, the key central issue. One of the most effective way to reduce vehicle weight is to change the materials, aluminum alloy castings (including a variety of casting methods) instead of cast iron parts are a better choice.
In a variety of aluminum alloy castings, die castings are placed in the most important position. In the automobile industry in developed countries, car engine block, transmission housing, direct hole intake manifold, wheels, gear power steering rudder shells, and other important parts have been commonly used aluminum die casting.
In recent years, China's automobile production in the rapid growth and development trend of automobile lightweight, light alloy die-casting in the auto parts manufacturing gradually increase.
Compared to developed countries, is still much room for development of aluminum die casting applications in the domestic auto parts manufacturers, with the continuous improvement of the domestic automobile emissions environmental standards and aluminum die casting technology continues to progress, it is expected that China will have more the number of auto parts manufacturing of aluminum die-casting technology.


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