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Aluminum alloy cylinder head die casting stomatal problem solve


In general, advance from mold design, die casting process design (including the temperature of the molten aluminum smelting). Of course, certainly can not be separated from the the stomatal inspection, X-rays, sliced​​, corrosion, test processing, weighing and other methods of inspection. Calvary on the narrative process to improve the test results from .

Pores in die-casting when it is unavoidable, try to reduce the The analysis of time to total the different links to verify that the search for reasons
First find out the customer requirements stomatal standard, this standard is the internal porosity or machined surface sand hole standard
Clients may different areas have different stomatal requirements, this time in the early development stage, mold flow analysis, based on the results of the analysis and past experience to develop the corresponding runner outlet design and exhaust design
3 in a test mode when you want to check the die casting machine and the machine side of the furnace, die-casting tune machine parameters are satisfactory, the existence of the machine in a small module
After the first tryout check the hair accessories, analyze the flow direction of the solution, the existence of hedging volume gas, whether there is the supercharger excessive volume gas, whether there is pressurized to the lack of cold material did not break out, the existence of the slag package location the size and volume of gas row does not meet the material part of, etc., need to change the mode after verifying these later
To die castings internal compact can try increase compaction marketing or vacuum


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